Paladone Pac Man and Ghosts Light, Pac Man - Figura coleccionable
product description: Normal mode Enjoy a colorful screen in normal mode while Blinky, Clyde, Inky and Pac-Man stay on. The classic icons will illuminate your space with a constant and constant light.   Color phase mode For ambience, the color...
11.900 KD
Paladone Playstation 4 Controller Icon Light
This icon light is a scaled-down version of a PlayStation 4 DualShock (DS4) controller. Designed with details that stay true to the famous PlayStation hand-held device which is known and loved around the world. The light is decorated with the...
6.500 KD
Paladone Playstation Icons Light PS5 XL
Re-styled to coincide with the release of the PS5 gaming console, the cool white finish is accented by sleek black accent detail on the base. Featuring three different light modes - standard, blue on/off phasing, and music reactive. The XL...
14.500 KD
Kettlebell Shaped Mug
6.900 KD
Kettlebell Shaped Mug
- Officially licensed ceramic mug- Capacity: 330 ml
6.900 KD
Paladone Playstation White Controller Alarm Clock
Make sure you are on time for whatever adventure awaits with this alarm clock that has been designed with details that stay true to the famous PlayStation 5 DualShock controller. The large, reverse LCD display makes it easy to read...
10.900 KD
Paladone Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug
Changes With Hot Beverages  The display of the classic Gameboy game screen appears whenever you add your hot beverage to this color changing mug. Practical Nostalgia Keep the action going with Nintendo Officially Licensed Merchandise from Paladone. Featuring retro classics...
8.900 KD
Super Mario Brothers Question Block Lamp
PERFECT GIFT: Designed like the iconic question block featured in the original Super Mario series of video games, this distinctive night light is a perfect gift for any video game or classics fan. POWER UP: Bring the classic game to...
15.000 KD
Paladone Friends Central Perk Neon Light
From the manufacturer Light up your space with a USB powered LED light that features the iconic coffeehouse sign.   Show off your love of the popular sitcom by hanging the Central Perk light for all to see.   Give...
12.500 KD
Super Mario Super Star Light with Projection V3
We can't guarantee it will make you invincible but this Super Mario Super Star light will add a warm glow to your room or gaming den, whilst also projecting stars on to nearby surfaces or walls. The light can be...
11.500 KD
Icons Light with 3 Light Modes - Music Reactive Game Room Lighting
إضاءة    ​ Specifications: USB or battery powered light, approx. 30cm (12”) wide x 10cm (4”) tall. (USB cable included, 3 x AAA batteries not included).
11.900 KD
Paladone 8-Bit Game Over Sound Reactive Light
8-Bit Game Over Sound Reactive Light 8-BIT GAME OVER SOUND REACTIVE LIGHT   Turn any dark and dingy gamer's den into a party with this colour phasing light!   When the game is over the party can keep cranking on with...
12.900 KD
Paladone Playstation Controller Mug
    Stay refreshed when gaming with this iconic drinking mug. Inspired by one of the greatest video game consoles ever created, the PlayStation Controller Mug takes its design from the unmistakable original PlayStation. A retro-cool gift for gamers, the...
6.900 KD
Paladone PlayStation Icons Light- XL
The icons that everybody knows from the original Playstation are featured on this rad PlayStation Icon Light. Light up your room with the symbols and icons from the hugely popular PlayStation gaming system. The PlayStation Icon Light illuminates the dark...
13.900 KD
Paladone PlayStation 4th Gen Controller Mug
Hit pause and take a break from fighting baddies, exploring mythical worlds, or competing in whichever virtual sport you love, and enjoy a hot beverage in this PlayStation 4th Gen Controller Mug. . This oversized mug is black and features...
6.900 KD
Pennywise Red Balloon Lamp
About this item WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE: Although innocent looking, the Pennywise Balloon Lamp (34cm) is anything but, as it represents the red balloons carried by the clown in Stephen King’s horror film It. LIGHT THE NIGHT: Use this...
12.900 KD
Paladone Pacman Ghost Mood Light
Pacman Ghost Light Table Lamp - Phases Through 9 Features NOVEL DESIGN: PacMan is one of the most iconic gaming figures of all time. This PacMan Ghost light features all your favorite PacMan ghost characters. This unique light is great...
9.900 KD
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light - Table Lamp
LIGHT THE NIGHT: Light up your room and brighten your day with an iconic symbol from the hugely popular Harry Potter movie and book series. Add this Snitch Light to your quidditch memorabilia. VERSATILE: Use this stylish decoration for your...
11.900 KD
Paladone Playstation Metal Water Bottle
    ابق منتعشًا مثالي للاستخدام في المنزل وفي العمل ويسهل وضعه في حقيبتك أو حقيبة الظهر أو حامل الأكواب في سيارتك. اصطحب معك زجاجة ماء مزدوجة الجدران مصنوعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ بسعة 480 مل (16 أونصة) أينما ذهبت....
8.900 KD