To ensure that our customers are shopping with confidence, Level Up offers a full refund within 14 days of purchase date and also offers an exchange within 30 days of purchase date.

Subject to the below-listed conditions:

1. Items purchased at a reduced price during a sale or promotion period can be exchanged or refunded within 14 days of the purchase on these items.

2. The product and packaging, including labeling, must be undamaged and complete that the product can immediately be made available for resale at the full retail price along with original receipt.

Ensuring that we do care about our customers, and for the hygiene and safety of our product. Products cannot be exchanged or refunded if they are not in original condition.

iTunes, Google Play, Playstation/PSN, Xbox, Steam, Netflix and all other digital cards with instant email delivery cannot be refunded, unless there is a clear defect, we will then investigate and find the optimum solution. 

If you purchase a digital card, and our fraud system signals possible fraud, we have the right to hold your digital code until further investigation. If the order is deemed as fraud, the customer holds full responsibility for refund fees. 

3. A product will be refunded or exchanged only with the same amount stated on the receipt.

You guys are awesome and we are pleased to receive any feedback or complaints you might have by filling up our contact page or calling us: 66999648

Good luck and have fun in the battlefield! 🎮

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