Thrustmaster Y-300CPX USB Universal Gaming Headset

35.000 KD
35.000 KD

Product Details

The ultimate universal USB audio gaming headset: the next-generation headset featuring amplified bass-enhanced performance. Optimized headset for full compatibility with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One*, PC, Xbox 360 and Mac. Also compatible with Nintendo Wii U / Nintendo 3DS / PlayStation Vita / tablets / smartphones (including call functions!. The multifunctional controller is on the cable, allowing you to adjust the audio level of Game / Bass / Chat and Microphone: both the mic and chat volume can be set separately, for a perfect fit with every game and every gamer. The headset boasts another asset -- a unique microphone customization feature that enables users precisely adjust gain levels to their voice, to be perfectly understood by their teammates.

  • Perfect bass delivery, ensuring optimal rendering of in-game explosions.
  • Balanced mid-range frequencies for stable reproduction of other players’ voices.
  • Unsaturated treble guaranteeing crystal-clear rendering of the sounds of incoming missiles in games.
  • Earpieces’ unique design acts as a real bass-emphasizing sound box.



Thrustmaster Y-300CPX USB Universal Gaming Headset
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