The Nioh Collection For PlayStation 5 "Region 2"

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Nioh Collection, PS5

Defy Death and Unleash your Darkness

In this expansive collection, journey through Sengoku-era Japan to face nightmarish foes and legendary warriors in blisteringly fast hardcore combat. Master the way of the samurai in Nioh, then unleash your inner darkness in Nioh 2 – each expertly remastered and enhanced for PS5.

Nioh Collection, PS5
Nioh Collection, PS5

The Nioh Collection

Discover the complete Nioh saga with all six major expansions included.

Battle the Yokai threat at a targeted 120fps* with ultra-fast load times.

*gameplay at 120fps requires a compatible monitor that can support this feature

The Nioh Collection For PlayStation 5 "Region 2"
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