Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team For NS "Region 1"

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17.500 KD
17.500 KD

More Fun on Nintendo Switch

This title can be played in any mode on Nintendo Switch TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode. What’s more, features have been added that assist you in controlling your Pokémon, so even if it’s your first time, you can easily adventure through a dungeon.

Auto Mode

New with this title, an auto mode feature has been added that lets you progress through your adventure more easily. Press the L Button and you and your team will move efficiently. When an enemy comes close, auto mode will shut itself off.

Unleash the Best Moves

Ordinarily, you would select from one of four moves to use on an enemy. When you aren’t sure which move to use, get the enemy right in front of you and then press the A Button you’ll automatically unleash the best move to use on that foe.

Make More Pokémon Friends

When you depart for a dungeon, you can have up to three members on your team but in this title, you can also add Pokémon you encounter in a dungeon to your team and get up to eight teammates walking through a dungeon with you.

Get Help If You Faint

If you are defeated in a dungeon, you can be rescued by other players or you can rescue yourself with another of your own rescue teams. Being rescued allows you to restart your adventure from where you fainted.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team For NS "Region 1"
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