Evil Ryu Cable Guy Phone & Controller Holder

Phone & Controller Holder
12.900 KD
12.900 KD

From the manufacturer

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About Exquisite Gaming

We are Exquisite Gaming limited and we believe in creating Collectable Products with a Purpose.

Based in London UK, we are passionate Gaming and Entertainment Specialists, enthusiastically committed to delivering Unique, Authentic and Collectable Products, intended to surprise and delight fans all over the world.

Founded in 2017, we set out to create new consumer product solutions and open up new incremental retail categories. We develop our own trademarked IP Brand platforms and then work with the leading global Entertainment and Gaming brands to secure licenses that fit our product platforms.

Our products such as our Patent pending Cable Guys(The Original Figural Phone and Controller holder) are already sold in over 50 markets worldwide and we recently celebrated passing our first 100m in retail sales.

We believe in sustainability and recently removed all excess plastic from our packaging and we continue to work to improve innovation and material development across the product range to both the product and packaging.

Psycho Cableguy Borderlands

Officially Licensed Cableguys

Featuring some of the most iconic gaming favourites

  • Borderlands
  • Street Fighter
  • Halo
  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Assassin's Creed
  • and Exquisite Gaming's own...

About Cableguys

Cableguys are a range of highly detailed figures, designed and manufactured by a passionate team of fans and gamers. They offer a collectible assortment of your favourite characters that have so many uses, you’ll wonder what you did without them.

What can they hold?

Designed initially to hold gaming controllers when they're charging, fan generated content has shown their uses to be endless. Mobile phone stands, stationery or even fruit holders... You name it.

If it fits in a Cableguy's outstretched hands, it can be held!

Master Chief Cableguy

1. Set up your Cableguy as the focal point of the room


How to Use

2. Place your controller, phone or whatever fits, into your Cableguy's hands...


Ezio Cableguy Controller Phone Holder

3. Admire your favourite character as it neatens up the ro

Evil Ryu Cable Guy Phone & Controller Holder
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