DOBE Thumbstick Grip Caps for SW TNS-1873

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2.900 KD
2.900 KD

Product Description

  • Easy installation with no modifications needed
  • High quality professional style textured surface
  • The silicone cap enhance thumb stick control and protect your joy-con controller from wear and tear Improve your gameplay and protect your analogue thumb sticks from wear and tear with these silicone thumb cap for Nintendo Switch 2 different kinds of thumb grips for Nintendo Switch, it not only protect your original joystick cap, but also can provide more accurate control feelings.
  • Medium height cover x 2:
  • Concave Design.
  • Increasing accuracy to meet the requirements of control accuracy for gamer when they play some games like Zelda, Mario Kart and etc.
  • However, please note that it may cause difficulty to press "- Button" and "B Button" for the reason of personal habits and finger size.
  • High height cover x 2 To fulfill the gamers' requirements of shooting games and some hardcore games, such as Splatoon 2, Payday 2, Monster Hunter XX.
  • Gamers often focus on joystick control instead of using "- button" and "B button" in these games.
Soft Silicone Suitable for: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Color: Black Package
4x Grip Joystick Cap
DOBE Thumbstick Grip Caps for SW TNS-1873
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