Brand: Level Up

Product Code: TP4-1886

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Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android Game

The TP4-1886 small 7-in-1 fighting stick is specially developed for improving game palyers' experience, which can be connected to the PS4/PS4/XBOX 360/XBOX ONE console through the original controller or the boot of the third-party compatible device, and can be used to achieve game operation on the corresponding console and support simulator games of PC/Android mobile phones and Android Pads. You can also switch to the Switch console by shortly pressing L3 + SHARE keys for 2 seconds, or switch to Android mode by shortly pressing L3 + R3 keys for 2 seconds.

If it is not connected to the boot device, the fighting stick will be subject to the third-party PS3 protocol and XINPUT protocol by default. If it is connected to the boot device, the fighting stick will automatically switch to the same protocol as the boot device. The boot devices supported included: original controllers of PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/ Xbox one, and most third-party authorized devices.

This product supports TURBO function. The fast play function of the game can be achieved by shortly pressing the TURBO key + function key on the fighting stick. This multi-purpose fighting stick is a perfect solution to the problem that many players can only use one machine for special purpose, thus it is a necessary equipment for many hardcore fans of arcade games.

1.TP4-1886 7-in-1 cable fighting rocker, USB connection, line length 2.4 meters.
Packing size: 22.8*3.4*14cm.
Package weight: 880g, bare 784g.