Darth Varder Star Wars Phone & Controller Holder

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12.900 KD
12.900 KD

From the manufacturer

Cable Guys are Gaming Functional Figurines

A closer look
  • About 8" tall
  • Weighted solid base
  • Made from high quality ABS and PVC plastic
  • Genuine licensed merchandise


Cable guys can also hold your smart phone

Cable Guys were born in the UK in 2015 by an avid gamer who had broken his 21st charging station and then put the controller on a shelf next to his statues, then Eureka, Cable Guys was the solution.

Each time we make a Cable Guy once the first production run is done - we don't make any more - so buy them when you see them buy them because we're not going to make any more of them.

  • They never tire when holding your controller between gaming sessions
  • Well balanced and wont tilt over or drop anything out of their strong arms
  • All Cable Guys are approved by the developers who make the games you love to play or the films you love to watch

Charging is Easy... just follow 1, 2, 3

1. Put Controller or Phone into Cable Guys arms


2. Attach Power Cable to Controller or Phone


Darth Varder Star Wars Phone & Controller Holder
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