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Where Gaming Passion Meets Premium Gear!

Marhaba! And welcome to Level-Up, your ultimate gaming destination in the heart of Kuwait!🚀(^L^)

Already on board with us? Brilliant! You're part of an elite crew that knows where the fun escalates. 🎮

Eager to scale new heights in gaming? You're in the right place. Level-Up isn't just a name; it's a promise that with each visit, your gaming experience will soar to new levels.

LEVEL UP IS A PART OF ROYAL INTERNATIONAL LNC Established in 1995, we've grown from a passionate local store to a leading gaming powerhouse. With six premium showrooms under our wing and a presence in over 50 other gaming havens, we're the beacon for gamers across Kuwait.

Our home base stands proudly in Kuwait, but our digital doors are open worldwide with shipping that brings the thrill right to your doorstep. Easy, fast, and reliable, just how gaming should be!

Our Pillars 🏰

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    From the latest consoles to the most sought-after games, our shelves are stocked with over 100 brands. We're your treasure trove of gaming glory, ready to equip you with the best gear in town.

  • Service Care

    Purchased a device from us? Rest easy knowing we've got your back. Our top-tier Maintenance Service Care ensures your gaming never stops. If your gear needs a tune-up, we're here with the tools and talent to keep you in the game.

  • Know / Learn

    Ignite your knowledge with our curated content designed to keep you ahead of the game. Learn the tricks, tips, and tactics that'll make you not just a player, but a connoisseur of the gaming world.

Ready to press start on an epic adventure? Level-Up awaits 🕹️

Level-Up isn't just a stop; it's a journey. A journey where every step is an ascent, every purchase an upgrade, and every interaction a leap towards gaming nirvana.

Join us, and let's hit the next level together! (^L^)

Questions, high-fives, or just in the mood to chat games? Reach out to us at, and let the games begin!

Contact Information

About Saleem

Saleem is a hardcore mobile and console gamer, he's passionate about new gaming technology and loves watching live conferences from Microsoft and Sony. The first thing Saleem will ask if you enter his office is " شنو تشرب؟ "

About Abdulaziz

Abdulaziz is a hardcore PC Gamer *ehem.. Master Race?* he loves building rigs, setting up everything and enjoying optimum gaming performance to never miss a headshot. The first thing you'll hear Abdulaziz say when he's hungry is " طلبات ولا كرج؟ "

About Level-Up

Wouldn't it be a great idea if there was a gaming store that was built from the ground up by hardcore gamers who understood what gamers love and want? A website that would build a friendly community where you could ask about anything and get solid recommendations? That's why we're here.

It's not just about the money for us, we believe we should cater to every gamer differently. Are you an FPS gamer? We'll recommend the best mouse and gear for you. An MMORPG person? It's all about the macros!


We're here to make your gaming experience premium and enjoyable