The latest smartphones feature increasingly powerful camera systems. However, all this advanced technology amounts to nothing if you scratch or crack your lenses, leaving you with a permanent scar on future photos.

With the PanzerGlass™ PicturePerfect Camera Lens Protector, your camera lenses are safe from accidental drops on stone-hard floors, bumps against sharp corners and the screeching kiss of keys in your pocket. And if you’re worried about image distortion, you can rest easy: the camera lens protector doesn’t affect the clarity of your lenses nor the quality of your photos – it just gives you a bit more peace of mind. The PicturePerfect Camera Lens Protector is designed with a commitment to extend the lifetime of your device and comes in FSC-certified packaging that can be recycled.

Key Features

Drop proof

No smudge and dirt between lenses

Protect your camera lens from cracks and scratches

Scratch resistant


SKU : 310103638

PanzerGlass iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max Camera Lense Protector 400
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