PanzerGlass iPhone 14 6.1" Pro Bundle Clear B0402+2784

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16.500 KD
16.500 KD
  • anzerGlass Cover for iPhone 14 Pro:

    This cover has a flexible recycled TPU plastic frame , which makes the cover super shock absorbent. The back is made of highly hardened plastic so that your iPhone can get complete protection.

    The cover is transparent and has 3 x Military Grade Standard , which means that it can withstand several drops from 3.6 meters. 

    PanzerGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro:

    1. Ultra Wide Fit
    2. Resistant to bacteria and fungal spores.
    3. Case friendly
    4. The glass is made in their best quality (Diamond Strength)
    5. Very thin with a thickness of only 0.33 mm.
    6. EasyAligner - Mounting frame

    Both the cover and the glass are AntiBactieral, which is resistant to bacteria and fungal spores, as there is a coating on the glass with an active antimicrobial substance that kills bacteria and fungal spores. 

    PanzerGlass Camera Protection:

    PicturePerfect Protective Glass for Camera Lens iPhone 14 Pro :

    1. Resistant to fungal spores and bacteria
    2. The edges are rounded
    3. Case friendly
    4. Is made in Platinum PanzerGlass quality (Platinum Level)
  • SKU : 310103640
PanzerGlass iPhone 14 6.1" Pro Bundle Clear B0402+2784
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