PanzerGlass HardCase Clear MagSafe iPhone 2022 6.7" Plus 411

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No matter how tough things get in life - with the HardCase protective cover from PanzerGlass™ your smartphone can take a beating. Once you've clicked the case in, it's perfectly protected from annoying scratches and dents when it bumps into hard corners or falls to the ground. The combination of a solid, transparent back and a softer frame made from 100% recycled material ensures maximum drop protection. The case even meets triple military standards and has been shown in tests to withstand drops from 3.6 meters or an "I'm-sitting-on-the-balcony-and-the-phone-falls-off"-height.

The protective case is compatible with MagSafe and will stay looking new even with intensive use, as it is made of a discoloration-resistant material. With its antibacterial effect, it offers extra protection against germs and bacteria, because up to 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria are effectively eliminated.

With their high level of protection, our products noticeably increase the lifespan of your smartphone - so you can enjoy it for longer. And the fewer broken devices that are thrown away, the less incriminating waste is created. For easier recycling, we will send you the protective case in FSC-certified packaging.

PanzerGlass™ HardCase MagSafe Compatible Apple iPhone 14 Plus | Transparent. Case type: Cover, Brand compatibility: Apple, Compatibility: Apple - iPhone 14 Plus, Color of product: Transparent


SKU : 310103653

PanzerGlass HardCase Clear MagSafe iPhone 2022 6.7" Plus 411
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