PanzerGlass HardCase Clear iPhone 2022 6.7" Plus 403

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Mobile Phone Case
6.900 KD

PanzerGlass ClearCase - Protect the design you paid for

The PanzerGlass ClearCase will protect your phone while highlighting its unique design. The protective glass on the back of the phone is coated with a special layer with antibacterial treatment , which destroys all bacteria within 24 hours. The effectiveness of the nano layer is guaranteed for PanzerGlass for 12 months.

This uncompromising protection against dirt, scratches and damage caused by falling will discreetly accompany you every day.

The best features

  • The most powerful ClearCase ever
  • More than 19% better phone protection
  • A plastic frame surrounding the edges of the phone
  • Tempered glass back
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • It absorbs shocks perfectly
  • Slim fashion design

Perfect protection

The PanzerGlass ClearCase on the back of your phone effectively dissipates impact energy. Its frame is then made of soft and flexible TPU, which increases the protection of the mobile phone even more. PanzerGlass is a great and durable material that won't yellow!


SKU : 310103649

PanzerGlass HardCase Clear iPhone 2022 6.7" Plus 403
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