Nubia Red Magic 5G Dao Fren ICE Dock

Nubia Red Magic 5G Dao Fren ICE Dock

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Original Nubia Red Magic 5G Dao Fren ICE Dock FA3102B 

Red Magic 5S FunCooler Pro



The CPU Super Freeze
Gaming is hot, literally! If you’re burning up noobs on your mobile game then it’s only a matter of time before your phone starts burning back (queue the sweat). This is where the FunCooler has your back. Inspired by an actual household refrigerator the FunCooler combines a freezer chip and turbo fan



Show your style
Cooling levels, light effects and the heat sink temperature from a built in thermometer give you a full breakdown of what’s happening with your device.  Don’t feel like opening your app? Then you don’t have to. The fan housing unit has a simple on/off switch so all it takes to start cooling is a flick.



Direct Hit
Once the fan is activated, dust is blasted away and your phone starts its descent to icy cold. 


Highly Adaptable
The FunCooler can attach to any phone that can fit into its  (64-86mm) spring loaded clamps. None of them can escape the icy grip of the FunCooler Pro.



High speed low sound
The FunCooler uses a Thermal Electronic Cooling system, heat is absorbed from the surface of your phone using the Peltier effect and released out towards the fan system. Five fan blades boasting a spinning speed of 8000 RPM make quick work of the heat released from the Thermal Electronic Cooling system. Wondering how fast 6200 RPM is? That’s twice the speed of a helicopter rotor. The fan may move faster than a helicopter but it sounds barely louder than a whisper




The spring loaded mechanism gives a constant and firm grip to either side of the phone while protecting the phone surface with silicone non-slip mats, so you don’t have to play the game of catching your phone. 



Fast play, no charging system. Just connect the FunCooler to a type C charger with a power output of 7W-9W or above to activate.





Nubia FunCooler Pro
Model: PA3102B
USB Type-C cable 
User manual