Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair Wireless Controllers

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair Wireless Controllers

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Multi-Joy Cony offer a surprising amount of gaming experience. Two-Joy Cony is possible to use one in each hand, or together as a game controller with the help of Joy-Con grip. It is also possible to connect to the console within the handheld mode or to share with a friend in supported titles so enjoy multiplayer fun for two. Every Joy-Con has a full set of keys and can therefore be used as a standalone controller and is equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscopic motion sensor, allowing for independent left and right motion control.

Joy Left-Con also contains the Capture button, which allows players to take immediate one-click screenshots of the game and share them with friends via social networks. Joy right-Con again includes NFC point for interaction with amiibo figures as well as IR motion camera capable of detecting the distance, shape and movement of nearby objects in these functions specially designed games. For example, this feature can determine how far the player's hand and which forms the shape.

Joy-Cony also represent an advanced feature HD rumble that in compatible games allow players to experience more realistic vibration feedback than ever before. This effect is so detailed that, for example, players can feel the vibrations of individual ice cubes inside a glass, it will not simulate Joy-Con. With the rumble HD players will be able to experience a new level of realism, unobtainable with the help of mere sight and hearing!