Toby’s Lead-Acid Batteries BTY-24A

Smart Devices
34.900 KD
34.900 KD
  • It has more than 10 hours continuously working duration time.
  • This can use high power camping light sanara with this battery.
  • It has high power which lasts long time and works perfectly.
  • Toby's Rechargeable Battery with Inverter

    This ensures uninterrupted power connectivity to WiFi router during frequent power cuts and switch over to generators. Its smart mechanism seamlessly switches over to battery power once the power is cut with zero lag.

    This comes in a very handy design making it easy for portability. It has a sturdy built along with the CFL bulb holder.

    The battery is super essential and a must-have for stalls, petty shops, exhibitions, food trucks, homes, offices, warehouses.

     Battery  24A Battery 20000mAh
     Voltage  12 Volts
     Power  24,000 mAh
     Power Inverter  12V-220V
     Type  AGM Battery (Rechargeable)
     Technology  German Technology
     Weight  6.2 KG
     Working Duration  More than 10 hours
     Charging  Charging at 25 degree C
     Package Includes  1 x 24A Multi-functional Battery, 1 x Power Inverter, 1 x Cigrate Liter, 1 x Plug Clips, 1 x Main Power Plug Clips, 1 x Battery Charger, 1 x Camping Light 400w, 1 x 12V Bulb and 1 x Bag
  • Toby’s Lead-Acid Batteries BTY-24A
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