HyperX Stealth Gaming Chair

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The HyperX STEALTH Gaming Chair provides true support for your lumbar and spine with our in-frame built in adjustable lumbar support system supporting your entire spine by focusing on the curvature of your lumbar. Your back will thank you later. The seat is designed for breathability with our dotted cushion design – allowing you to be comfortable in any situation. The multiple functional tilt mechanism allows you to lock the chair at your preferred tilt, ensuring the proper viewing angle whenever you decide to game and providing a greater depth of tilt in the seat. You are being fully supported by the XL PU wheels with lockable breaks holding up the 700mm width of reinforced aluminum base. Locked in is the extended class 4 gaslift, which lifts your game to new heights. The STELATH is fully upholstered with PRIME PU Leather with precisely cut cold-cure foam, perfectly fitted to the frame. The STEALTH is wrapped in the darkest of fabrics with carbon details and red stitching. You become one with the night, you will become STEALTH

Prime PU Leather Upholstery with Cold-Cure Foam

High-end materials used on all areas of the STEALTH are upholstered and finely stitched together. The precisely cut cold-cure foam provides the best possible seating experience, moulding to your shape while providing a firm resistance without being either soft or hard. The best seat in the house.


Breathable Dotted Seat

The seat in the STEALTH has been made for the long run, with the breathable dotted seat design providing a more comfortable gaming experience allowing you to perform your best in the final minutes of the game. Everything is aligned with a sleek carbon fabric material, which makes for both a luxurious look and feel.


Adjustable Lumbar Support For True Ergonomic Spine and Lumbar Support

The main feature of the STEALTH. The adjustable lumbar support built in to the frame of the beast, supports your entire spine by focusing on the curvature of lumbar with an expansion of 4.5cm – Avoid backpains early in life, and enjoy your game.


Reinforce Aluminum 700mm Sturdy Base

The sleek and gleaming metal base coming in at a whooping 70cm in diameter provides the structure of the entire chair. The simplicity of the cuts and angles gives a beautiful silhouette in the night. Be STEALTH.


XL PU Wheels with Break Function

The PU Wheels provide the elasticity of rubber and combine with raw durability, the polyurethane provides great traction with controlled glide. The ability to lock in your position when gaming is just one less thing to think about during the clutch


Multiple Functional Tilt Mechanism

This is the center of the chair, the command center, the control unit. The Multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to lock the chair in any tilted position. It allows a smooth tilt when rocking and a greater depth of tilt.


Memory Foam Velour Pillows

Included with the STEALTH you get an extravagant velour covered memory foam neck pillow. The velour covered pillowed provides a great feel on skin and it’s easy to place and remove.


4 Directional Soft Coated Armrests

They go up and down, front and back, rotate in and out. Even horizontal movement towards the seat or outwards.

Due to the soft coating used on the armrest, you can rest your arms when playing with a controller on the armrest for many hours. It’s easy to point them inwards, allowing for a more relaxed position when watching videos and films. You can do it all. Everything with a dedicated switch for each function.


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    HyperX Stealth Gaming Chair
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