Gaems Guardian 24” WQHD Personal Gaming Monitor

189.900 KD 159.900 KD

Gaems’ new Guardian Pro XP “portable gaming environment” is a hardshell case packed with a 24-inch quad HD IPS monitor, surround sound, integrated media center, and a rail system designed to mount cameras, microphones, and lighting for streaming.

Gaming has changed radically since we launched our first portable gaming environments in 2011,” said John Smith, co-founder of Gaems. Today’s gamers are also savvy professionals. Whether they compete in esports or generate unique gaming content, these professionals will appreciate how Gaems integrated the highest-level performance gaming monitor and media tool suite into a single ultra-sleek yet portable package with Guardian.”


- Patented industrial-grade hard-shell case with proprietary metal-hinged design 24”

- Quad HD IPS panel

- Proprietary Dynamic SoundStage with 12W power amp, chambered 9W speakers, passive subwoofers and Surround Processor

- Integrated Media Center with HDMI 1.4 Input, 3.5 Headphone Jack, High-speed USB Hub Port (from console power) to 3x USB Ports (1x USB 3.0@1.8A & 2x USB 3.0@0.9A) duplicating console functions and providing passive power for charging while Guardian is Off

- External rear HDMI Output for streaming and sharing monitor content

- Patented Picatinny Rail mounting system for cameras, microphones, lighting and other equipment used for professional streaming (accessories sold separately)

- HDMI 1.4 cable

- AC 100v-240v/DC, 19V, 4.74 Amp Power adapter

- Product Dimensions (inches) – 23.45” w x 16.9” d x 4.79” h

- Compatibility: Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim & fits some Micro ATX PC hardware


Gaems Guardian 24” WQHD Personal Gaming Monitor
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