EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel

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Product description

The EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel has been developed with the latest technology, whereby the solar panel has 2 sides. One 220W primary side and one 155W side at the back of the panel, suitable for ambient light. This makes it possible to generate up to 25% more than standard 220W solar panels.

The thin tempered glass design makes the panel five times stronger than comparable panels. The solar panel can withstand heat up to 148°C and is completely waterproof and dustproof. (IP68) The supplied protective cover/kickstand makes it possible to point the Ecoflow panel at a 30°–80° angle towards the sun.

The EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel has a universal MC4 connection. Via this connection it is possible to connect the solar panel in combination with an adapter to a portable power station.

In the box
  • EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel
  • Protective case and kickstand
  • Carabiner x 4


Item specifications

Brand Ecoflow
Cell type Monocrystalline (22-23% efficiency)
Power 220 W
Voc - Voltage open circuit 21,8 V
Imp - Ampere maximum power 12 A
Vmp - Voltage maximum power 18,4 V
Isc - Ampere short circuit 13,0 A
Type of output MC4 port
Weatherproof Yes (IP68)
Dimensions Unfolded: 82 x 183 x 2.5 cm
Folded: 82 x 50 x 3.2 cm
Weight 9.5 kg
EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel
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