Bose Portable Home Speaker Charging Cradle - Luxe Silver

12.000 KD


  • For Use with the Portable Home Speaker.
  • Allows Playback While Charging.
  • Works with Bose Portable Home Speaker.
  • Keeps speaker charged and ready to go.
  • Serves as a convenient home base for your speaker.
  • Lets you play music while charging.

Bose Portable Home Speaker Charging Cradle, Luxe Silver

This optional charging cradle accessory is the perfect home for your Bose Portable Smart Speaker. Keep your speaker’s battery full when you’re not using it — or keep the music playing even while you’re charging it.

Keep your music playing with your Portable Home Speaker and the  Bose Charging Cradle. The cradle is designed specifically for use with the Portable Home Speaker and allows you to continue enjoying your music while it charges the speaker, or to keep the battery full when the speaker is not in use. Speaker sold separately.


Product Dimensions

3.74 x 3.74 x 0.71 inches

Item Weight

6 ounces



Model number


Bose Portable Home Speaker Charging Cradle - Luxe Silver
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