Bose Lenses Alto M/L Style (Polarized) - Mirrored Silver

12.000 KD
12.000 KD

Bose Lenses Alto M/L Style (Polarized), Mirrored Silver

Featuring an intuitive design, these replacement lenses for the M/L Bose Frames Alto are easy to interchange all on your own. They block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays — with a polarize option available. And they’re forged from premium materials to ensure they won’t easily scratch or shatter.

Replacing the Alto lenses
Different color replacement lenses are available as a Bose Frames accessory. These step-by-step instructions show you how to replace the lenses.

To begin, place a towel or microfiber cloth on a sturdy surface. This provides a soft, low impact work area in case you accidentally drop a lens

To remove a lens, hold the Frames with the back side facing you
Place your thumbs in the bottom corner closest to the bridge
Press firmly until the entire lens pops out from the Frames. Note: the lenses are made to be replaced, so applying added pressure will not hurt the lenses or Frames. Repeat these steps to remove the other lens

To keep your lenses clean, use the microfiber cloth bag included with your Frames and wipe gently. Just be sure you’ve removed the USB charging cable first. 

To insert a lens, hold the Frames so they’re facing you
Remove the lenses from the packaging. The packaging can be used to help determine which lens is left and right. Insert the first lens. When inserting a lens, we recommend applying pressure in this order:Repeat the same steps for the second lens. 

  • Start with the top corner closest to the bridge.

  • Proceed to the other top corner.

  • Press the corner below that.

  • Lastly, press the bottom corner closest to the bridge.

To clean the lenses, wipe them gently with the microfiber cloth bag.


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Mirrored Silver

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Replacement-spectacles glasses


Bose Lenses Alto M/L Style (Polarized) - Mirrored Silver
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