Azza Hurricane III digital RGB FAN 120mm

PC Components
4.000 KD
4.000 KD


  • Rating Voltage: DC12V(Fan) 5V(LED)
  • Rated Current: Max: 216mA (Fan) ;Max: 400mA (LED)
  • Fan Speed: 1000-1800 RPM
  • Max.Air Pressure: 1.79mmH20
  • Max.Air Flow: 43.06 CFM
  • Max Noise Level: 29.0dB(A)
  • Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
  • Life Expectancy: 100000 hrs,25℃
  • Connector: 4PIN PWM
  • Fan Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
  • Weight: 0.15kg

Cylindrical Lighting

Instead of a tiny ring of light,why not light up the whole thing?
With a frame constructed of acrylic material, the Hurricane II Digital RGB fan allows for Digital RGB lightning to illuminate evenly throughout the entire frame, giving you a clean Digital RGB aesthetic.




Rubber pads are mounted on all four corners of the fans, offering improved performance over standard fans by offering less vibration, less noise, and less turbulence



Hurricane III Digital RGB Fan Installation For Motherboard

Connecting a strip to an incorrect connector can potentially cause damage to the LED strip, due to the RGB, and Digital RGB connectors providing different voltages .
Our digital RGB devices are WS2812B-compliant.Please check your motherboard’s specifications before use. Do not go past the motherboard’s allowed limits on power rating and LED count when connecting multiple fans/LED strips.
“Hurricane II Digital RGB fan supports direct connection to the 5V addressable RGB header on compatible motherboards, such as MSI™, ASUS™, ASROCK™, and Gigabyte™.”

Azza Hurricane III digital RGB FAN 120mm
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